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We release webisodes of projects that are in development on our YouTube page.

Our first series of webisodes being released on our YouTube channel is Peaty’s Playhouse.

Peaty’s Playhouse is the story of wimpy cuckolded TV puppeteer in the 70’s, Peter O’Shea, whose big break at national stardom is destroyed by a conniving TV Producer who destroys all of beloved puppets before their big televisual debut. In a fit of panic Peter must create a character out of whatever rubbish he has to hand, a sod of turf in this case that he names Peaty.

In a surprising twist of fate Peaty’s Playhouse doesn’t bomb as Peter finds his anarchist alter ego in Peaty.

In our series of YouTube episodes you will witness the television extravaganza that is Peaty’s Playhouse.

Check out Science Week below.

Check out Peaty’s Theme Song