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Peaty’s Playhouse “Holy Roosters!” Episode

Written by  on June 6, 2015
Rooster Priest Scaled Drawing
Rooster Priest Sketch

Peaty’s Playhouse – Rooster Priest Designs

Character designs for our foray into stop motion have been completed. The “Priest” character will be a full scale model of an actual rooster spud, (average height 5 inches), but it will much more character than your average ground dwelling tuber.

Because the model of the spud-based character doesn’t need to move its body, the interior will be made out of lightweight balsa wood. Several pieces will need to be glued together and then shaped into the typical spud form. Indentations for the eyes will be made in the balsa based skeleton and the entire base will be covered in molten plasticine (this helps the final plasticise covering to adhere to the wood). The final coat of plasticine will then be applied.

The arms will be made of pliable copper wire covered in black plastic shrink wrap. The hands will be plasticine over a milliput base. A phoneme mouth pack will be created so that each mouth can be interchanged for the audio lip synch. Eyes are made from plastic beads with painted pupils.

We’re looking forward to experimenting with the puppet’s creation. If all goes well, we’ll create the other four Rooster Family characters.

Stop Motion Skeleton Sketch
Rooster Stop Motion Armature Plan

Introducing “The Roosters”

Written by  on January 24, 2015

We’ve begun production on the last of the five Peaty’s Playhouse video shorts, saving the best for last. “Holy Roosters!” is our second foray into the medium of “claymation.”  The video is about the disturbing effect the Roosters have on poor Mister Tim and the delight Mister Tim’s plight brings to Peaty. The Roosters are a dysfunctional family of rooster potatoes; Da, Ma, Lad and little Veronica. The short delves into a day at church for the family. Here’s the concept drawings of the “Da” character.Roosters_Da_scan

Peaty’s Animated Commercial “Kiddie Winkie Cigarettes”

Written by  on January 24, 2015

This short animated commercial took a lot longer to produce than anticipated. It started in September 2014 and just finished mid-January 2015. Besides having a substantial amount of animation files go corrupt, (one would think we’d learned the ‘back-up’ lesson by now), the animation/compositing itself took quite awhile to finish. A big thanks goes out to Gary Etchingham for the great work he did for Blackie the Lung’s voice. We hope you get a chuckle or two out of it!

Banga U.E. Media Smorgasbord

Written by  on August 21, 2014

Greetings One and All,

We posted a video on our YouTube Channel and thought that since you’re here, you might as week take a gander without schlepping all the way to You Tube (it’s a feckin’ long way).

Banga U.E. Media’s Video Pu-Pu Platter


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